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Expression of Interest

Women Deliver is seeking applications for the Women Deliver 2023 Conference (WD2023) Advisory Group.Women Deliver Conferences bring together advocates from around the world and galvanize momentum toward collective action for girls and women, in all their intersecting identities. As one of the largest and most impactful convenings in the gender equality space, Women Deliver’s globally-recognized Conferences provide a forum to fuel the movement, improve policies and programs, and set the stage for political and financial commitments that advance gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR).

Co-led and co-created by partners, WD2023 is expected to be the most inclusive, diverse, accessible, and consultative Women Deliver Conference yet. The WD2023 Conference Advisory Group will provide strategic advice and input on the development and implementation of WD2023 and the Global Dialogue* by co-creating the Conference’s theme, design, and programming. This group of diverse stakeholders will also play a leading role in shaping the Global Dialogue, fostering collaboration, and driving collective action before, during, and after the Conference.


The mission of the Advisory Group is to:

  • Ensure that the Women Deliver 2023 Conference is an inclusive, diverse, accessible, and consultative convening that is co-designed.
  • Share strategic advice regarding Conference content, operations, and the implementation of Conference programming.
  • Provide mobilization support and disseminate information to a broader network of advocates to help increase participation and diversify the Conference audience. This may include hosting consultations, amplifying opportunities to engage in the Conference, and acting as an ambassador for the Women Deliver 2023 Conference.
  • Contribute to the co-design and co-creation of the Conference in the following areas, but not limited to:
    • Global Dialogue program
    • Virtual platform and program
    • Concurrent program
    • Plenary program
    • Scholarships
    • Regional partner convenings

For more information on Conference programming, please see the Women Deliver 2019 Conference Report.

This is the first time Women Deliver is seeking open nominations for Advisory Group members. Women Deliver is committed to a more transparent, consultative, and inclusive process for developing WD2023, and is excited to announce that one-third of Advisory Group members will be selected through an open nomination process.

During the 2021 Generation Equality Forum (GEF), Women Deliver partnered with the Adolescent Girls Investment Plan (AGIP), CREA, Outright Action International, Women Enabled International, the Governments of Canada and Denmark, and the Rockefeller Foundation, to commit to developing an inclusive, diverse, accessible, and consultative WD2023 convening that is co-created. As part of this commitment, a majority of leadership and organizing roles for WD2023 will be composed of individuals from, or organizations based in, lower-and middle-income countries. We are also prioritizing the inclusion of organizations and individuals representing youth, LGBTQIA+, disability, and Indigenous communities.

Women Deliver will publicly announce the date and location of WD2023 and the members of the Advisory Group in late 2021. For more information on the Women Deliver 2023 Conference and to stay up-to-date with Conference announcements, please visit

*The Global Dialogue is a new program in conjunction with WD2023 that will launch six months prior to the Conference. The goals of the Global Dialogue are to present new evidence and knowledge, promote solutions, and engage a broader spectrum of voices than ever before to: 1) catalyze action for girls and women in the lead up to WD2023, and 2) connect diverse communities and sectors by linking previously disparate organizations and movements to drive collective action on gender equality and SRHR. The Global Dialogue will include webinars and workshops. Satellite events will also be held in local communities around the world, hosted by a wide range of partners, including civil society and youth advocates.



Individuals and organizations are encouraged to apply to become a member of the WD2023 Conference Advisory Group. If applying as an organization, each organization may select two focal points to sit on the Advisory Group. At least one focal point is expected to attend every meeting, all of which will be held virtually. Women Deliver is committed to ensuring accessibility and inclusivity during all Advisory Group meetings by taking into consideration different time zones and providing interpretation and accessibility measures as needed.

The required commitments for members of the Advisory Group are as follows:

  • Attend a kickoff meeting and two to three design workshops focused on high-level Conference goals, themes, and overall planning. These meetings will take place in Q4 of 2021 and Q1 of 2022.
  • Attend quarterly meetings starting in Q1 of 2022. One year out from WD2023, the Advisory Group will begin meeting on a bi-monthly or monthly basis.
  • Participate in smaller workgroup meetings or 1:1 meetings, on an occasional basis, depending on planning needs.
  • Publicly champion and promote WD2023 and the Global Dialogue through your own networks and channels.



All Advisory Group members receive the following benefits for giving their time, expertise, and energy to the development and implementation of WD2023 and the Global Dialogue:

  • Advisory Group members are invited to attend the virtual soft launch of WD2023 (in late 2021), the one-year out launch event (in spring/summer 2022), and the Conference itself (in spring/summer 2023).
  • Each Advisory Group member will receive one scholarship to attend WD2023. Scholarships include the cost of registration, travel, and accommodations for the duration of the Conference. [These benefits may also be assigned to an alternate registrant or gifted to Women Deliver’s scholarship fund].
  • Advisory Group members will be promoted on the WD2023 website and within Conference promotional materials. They will also be announced during the virtual soft launch of WD2023, highlighted during the one-year out launch event, and explicitly recognized during the Conference itself.
  • Honoraria will be provided to members on a needs-basis.



To nominate yourself or your organization, you must complete the expression of interest form, found here and below, by 4 October, 2021. Nominations will be reviewed after the due date and finalists will be contacted via email in mid-October, 2021. Women Deliver may request a follow-up call to discuss your application. Advisory Group members will be publicly announced, along with the date and location of WD2023, in late 2021.

We are seeking individuals and organizations with vision, passion, and networks that can help to elevate the Conference’s goals of advancing gender equality and SRHR. Organizations and representatives must be committed to improving the wellbeing of girls and women, in all their intersecting identities, around the world.

In reaching a decision on the composition of the Advisory Group, Women Deliver will consider not only the potential contributions of the nominee, but also a balance of expertise, experience, perspectives, and geography.



Women Deliver has pre-designated the following 20-21 positions within the Conference Advisory Group, in accordance with our joint GEF commitment to the Conference and Global Dialogue. Women Deliver will select an additional 10-14 representatives to fill the remaining positions in the Conference Advisory Group based on their expression of interest and the additional criteria outlined in the next section.

Pre-designated positions:

  • Conference Host Country [1 position]
  • GEF Initial Commitment Partners [7 positions]
    • AGIP
    • CREA
    • Government of Canada
    • Government of Denmark
    • Outright Action International
    • Rockefeller Foundation
    • Women Enabled International
  • Media organizations [1 position]
  • Philanthropic organization [1 position]
  • Private Sector organization [1 position]
  • Regional Convening Partners for the Global Dialogue [3-4 positions]
  • UN Agencies [3 positions]
  • Women Deliver Young Leaders [1 alumni and 1 member of the current class]
  • Deliver for Good Campaign Partners [2 representatives]


Criteria to Apply

Representatives that are able to dedicate the time and energy needed to participate in the co-design of the Conference, and that plan to participate in WD2023 and the Global Dialogue are encouraged to apply.

Women Deliver recognizes the importance of the long-overdue global reckoning around the world and within our sector, and is actively working to break down the systems of white supremacy and privilege at the core of reproductive, economic, and racial inequality, and injustice. Individuals and organizations applying to the Conference Advisory Group must be committed to the process of becoming intentionally anti-colonial, anti-racist, and intersectional in their work.

Women Deliver seeks to fill the remaining AG positions with organizations that have expertise in gender equality and at least one of the following issue areas:

  • Economic Rights & Justice [1 position]
  • Climate Action [1 position]
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights [1 position]
  • Humanitarian Action [1 position]
  • Indigenous Rights [1 position]
  • Public Health [1 position]
  • COVID-19 [1 position]
  • Adolescent and Youth Engagement [1 position]
  • Media [1 position]

Community-based organizations based in the following regions are also strongly encouraged to apply [5-7 positions]:

  • Asia
  • Pacific Islands
  • Eastern Europe
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • The Middle-East and North Africa
  • Sub-Saharan Africa


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