Here are some of our most frequently asked.

  • When and where will the Conference, WD2023, take place?

    The next Women Deliver Conference, WD2023, will take place in 2023. Due to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking into consideration a number of factors, including location, to ensure the safety and ease of travel for all participants. We hope to announce the location and dates by the end of 2021.

  • How can I be notified of updates relating to the WD2023?

    Please sign up for Women Deliver’s newsletter here to receive updates relating to Women Deliver’s next Conference, WD2023.

  • What is the Women Deliver Conference?

    Women Deliver Conferences gather advocates from around the world with the aim to galvanize momentum towards collective action for girls and women, in all their intersecting identities. As the largest convening for gender equality in the world, Women Deliver’s globally recognized Conference aims to increase political and financial commitments and improve policies and programs to advance gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR).

    The Women Deliver Conference consistently attracts diverse participants from around the world. It is a unique gathering that fosters new ideas and is a generator of action, convening thousands of advocates and decision-makers from diverse fields, geographies, and experiences to identify solutions that drive change for girls and women, in all their intersecting identities, everywhere.

  • What is the focus of the Women Deliver Conference?

    Women Deliver Conferences focus on issues most pressing to girls and women — in all their intersecting identities — and gender equality. The next Conference, WD2023, will also focus on COVID-19 response and recovery, centering the implications of the pandemic on girls, women, and gender equality progress and developing solutions to address some of the major setbacks the pandemic has caused. The WD2023 theme will be guided by the results of the Global Community Consultations, a 4- month long process of collecting feedback from Women Deliver partners and WD2023 attendees through a survey and virtual interview, and will be announced in 2022. If you have any suggestions for WD2023 themes and topics, we invite you to share them with the Women Deliver team using this form.

  • How much does it cost to attend?

    In-person registration costs will be based on a sliding scale estimates ranging from USD $500-800 with both full and partial scholarships available. In conjunction with in-person programming, WD2023 will include a virtual conference for which ticket prices may range from USD $50-200. In-person Conference fees include access to all events, networking sessions, and cover food. In-person Conference fees do not include transportation or accommodation. In addition, reduced-cost tickets will be available for participants from low- and middle-income countries and youth participants.

  • Will you offer scholarships?

    Yes, our scholarship program provides financial assistance to people who are seeking support to cover the cost of attendance, both in-person and virtually. Once WD2023 dates and location are finalized, an open call for scholarship applications will be announced. Preference will be given to applicants from low- and middle-income countries as well as youth participants (under the age of 30 at the time of the WD2023). We are proud to commit scholarships and financial support will be provided to a minimum 25% of WD2023 participants, including all 300 Class of 2020 Women Deliver Young Leaders.

  • Who will be attending the WD2023?

    Women Deliver Conferences bring together advocates from regional and national organizations, including but not limited to grassroots, Indigenous, youth-led, LGBTQIA+-led, and women’s rights organizations; world leaders and influencers; private sector leaders; academics; activists; and journalists from all around the world.

  • Can I present or speak at WD2023?

    Speakers and presenters will be chosen according to the needs of the program and our commitment to inclusive programming. If you would like to be considered for a speaking or presenting role, please fill out this form.

  • How can I suggest a speaker for WD2023?

    If you would like to suggest a speaker for WD2023 please fill out this form here. Speakers will be chosen according to the needs of the program and our commitment to inclusive programming.

  • How can I share my ideas for WD2023?

    Women Deliver conducted both a Global Community Consultation, with over 5,000 respondents, and a one-year post WD2019 survey to hear from advocates about what issues are most pressing in their communities and how the Women Deliver Conference has made an impact on their work. Results from the consultations and the survey will be available soon. If you have additional ideas or suggestions to share, please fill out this form here.

  • Will programming be available in multiple languages?

    Programming will be available in English, French, and Spanish translation or live interpretation both for in-person and virtual programming. In addition, Women Deliver will incorporate closed captioning and International Sign Language interpretation throughout WD2023.

  • What steps will be taken to ensure accessibility at WD2023?

    WD2023 aims to be Women Deliver’s most inclusive and accessible Women Deliver Conference to date. WD2023 will be co-created and co-led by advocates and leaders who will shape the dialogue, foster collaboration, and collective action. Women Deliver is committed to developing an accessible and inclusive platform, both in-person and virtually, to ensure that communities often underrepresented at global convenings have the opportunity to network, develop skills, share knowledge, access funding opportunities, and participate in conversations that contribute to global agenda setting related to gender equality.  We will also work with accessibility experts to ensure WD2023 is as physically and virtually accessible as possible.

  • How will young people be engaged in the planning and design of the conference?

    Young people will be an essential part of the planning and design of WD2023 from the start. The WD2023 Advisory Group will lead the strategic design and planning for the Conference. There are youth and youth-led organizations on the Advisory Group, including a Women Deliver Class of 2020 Young Leader, a Women Deliver Young Leader Alum, representatives from the Adolescent Girls Investment Plan (AGIP), and additional Advisory Group members.

    Beyond the Advisory Group, Women Deliver Young Leaders and Young Leader Alumni, representing the voices of youth advocates, will participate in design sprints and pre-Conference planning activities.

    During the Conference, youth and youth-led organizations will be involved in all aspects of Conference programming — from plenary sessions to side events.

  • What opportunities will there be for Women Deliver Young Leaders and other youth advocates at WD2023?

    In the six months leading up to WD2023, there will be events and activities taking place all over the world, as well as virtually, and Women Deliver Young Leaders and other youth advocates will be invited to lead and participate. At the Conference, Women Deliver has made a commitment to ensure that every panel will have at least one youth speaker, and resources and scholarships will be provided to ensure youth speakers are prepared and supported by their event sponsor. Additionally, as at WD2019, there will be a Youth Pre-Conference and a designated Youth Zone where Young Leaders and other youth attendees can meet and network. We look forward to creating more ways to highlight and meaningfully engage youth at WD2023 as we co-design the Conference with Young Leaders and Alumni!

  • Do you have sponsorship opportunities?

    Yes, Women Deliver has a variety of custom sponsorship opportunities for those looking to sponsor WD2023. We will have unique sponsorship opportunities for both private sector and nonprofits, ranging from sponsored side events to exclusive media access. We are also launching an “early commitment” opportunity for sponsors to pledge early support for the Conference, which includes greater visibility through recognition at the WD2023 launch and on launch materials. Please email [email protected] if you are interested in sponsoring WD2023.

  • Can I donate/support financially?

    Yes, Women Deliver will have opportunities for donation and financial support for the Conference. Please email Masha DeVoe ([email protected]) if you are interested in providing financial support for WD2023. If you would like to support the Women Deliver organization, please visit http://womendeliver.org/donate.

  • Are there any volunteer opportunities?

    More information on volunteer opportunities will be shared once the dates and location of the WD2023 are finalized. Please sign up here for Women Deliver’s newsletter to get more information as it becomes available.

  • Can I exhibit at WD2023?

    There will be opportunities for organizations to exhibit at WD2023. Please sign up here for our newsletter to get more information on exhibiting when it is available.

  • Will there be ways to participate virtually?

    Those who want to participate in WD2023 virtually will have many opportunities to do so. Women Deliver will host an accessible virtual conference optimized for low bandwidth and mobile participation, in conjunction with the in-person component as well as a robust Global Dialogue six months prior to the conference, where advocates will mobilize around the world, in their own regions and with their communities, to engage and address some of the most pressing issues they face. Programming will take place through digital programming that is globally accessible, including webinars and workshops, and in local communities through satellite events.

  • What is a Satellite Event?

    Satellite events will take place in communities and countries around the world leading up to, during, and after the Conference to foster a deep dive into the issues related to girls and women. Satellite events give our partners, supporters, and advocates an opportunity to engage deeply on the issues that matter most to them.

  • How does Women Deliver select the host country?

    Women Deliver undergoes an extensive and participatory process for selecting host countries for the Women Deliver Conferences including multiple site visits, meetings with host country governments, and feedback and conversations with Women Deliver partners and global advocates. Women Deliver is paying close attention to status of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world, prioritizing the health and safety of all participants. Please sign up here for our newsletter to get receive updates.

  • How is Women Deliver taking the COVID-19 pandemic and the safety of participants into account in its preparations for WD2023?

    Women Deliver is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic globally as we work towards confirming WD2023 to ensure the health and safety of all participants. We are working with host country finalists to ensure that WD2023 will be safe for participants and hosts alike and that a convening of this size will not put a strain on the host country’s infrastructure. As mentioned, there will be robust virtual engagement for those who do not want to attend WD2023 in-person.

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