WD2023 Advisory Group

Women Deliver is committed to a more consultative and inclusive process for developing the Women Deliver 2023 Conference (WD2023). That’s why, for the first time, Women Deliver has selected one-third of the Advisory Group members via an open application process, toward the goal of ensuring that the Conference is co-created by organizations and individuals representing the intersectional identities of the girls and women we work with and for.

The mission of the WD2023 Advisory Group is to provide strategic advice and input on the development and implementation of the Conference and Global Dialogue by co-creating the Conference’s theme, design, and programming. Advisory Group members play a leading role in shaping dialogue, fostering collaboration, and driving collective action before, during, and after the Conference. Specifically, Advisory Group members are charged with:

  • Ensuring that WD2023 is co-designed and co-created to be the most inclusive, diverse, accessible, and consultative WD2023 yet.
  • Sharing strategic advice regarding Conference content, operations, and the implementation of Conference programming.
  • Providing mobilization support and dissemination information to a broader network of advocates to help increase participation and diversify the Conference audience.

WD2023’s Advisory Group is made up of over 30 organizations belonging to civil society and philanthropic organizations, government, media, UN agencies, and the private sector, as well as Women Deliver Young Leaders, based in all major geographic regions in the world.  Sixty percent of WD2023’s Advisory Group members belong to organizations based in low- and middle-income countries. The Advisory Group also includes leaders of all six Generation Equality Forum Action Coalitions.

Learn more about the organizations and Young Leaders that make up WD2023’s Advisory Group, below: