Asia Regional Convenings

The Asian region is highly diverse, with varying degrees of gender inequality prevalent across nations and circumstances. To make progress towards gender equality through the Women Deliver Conference, a comprehensive approach is necessary. This approach must include factors such as cultural norms, discriminatory practices, legal frameworks, social attitudes, and economic possibilities.

Therefore, the Women Deliver 2023 Asia Regional Convening aims to bring together stakeholders and young people from across the Asian region by identifying key issues and developing workable solutions aligned with the convening’s thematic areas.

The regional convening seeks to encourage action and hasten progress by fostering dialogue, collaboration, knowledge sharing, policy influence, resource mobilization, and movement-building.


National Convening (Virtual Event)

Theme: Gender Equality Now: Youth-Led Solutions for Women’s Empowerment in The Asia Pacific Region

Date: 31 May 2023 Time: 1 PM to 4 PM Nepali Standard Time

Registration link to be shared soon.


Regional Convening (Virtual event)

Theme for the Convening, Gender Equality Now: Youth-Led Solutions for Women’s Empowerment in The Asia Pacific Region

Date: 18 June 2023

Time: 10am to 5:30pm Nepali Standard Time

Registration link to be shared soon.

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The Steering Committee

The Asian-Pacific Research & Resource Center for Women (ARROW) is chairing the Asia Regional Convening for Women Deliver 2023. ARROW strives for a world that is equal and equitable, where women are equal citizens in all aspects of their lives, and their sexual and reproductive health and rights are protected and advanced. ARROW advocates for women’s rights and needs, particularly in the areas of health and sexuality, and reaffirms their agency in claiming these rights. Their work is four-fold, including information and communications, monitoring and research, building partnerships, and organizational development.

Representing different countries in the region, the Asia Regional Convening Steering Committee Members, have met over the past six months to discuss and deliberate on key thematic issues on gender equality.

Meet the Steering Committee Members:

  • Aathu Shihab, Hope for Women
  • Phyu Nwe Win, Colorful Girls
  • Aastha Subedi, YUWA
  • Aisha Ijaz, Aahung
  • Vivien Facunla, PATH Foundation
  • Shelani Palihawadana, Youth Advocacy Network Sri Lanka
  • Samitha Sugathamala, MenEngage SEAsia
  • Hoang Tu Anh, CCIHP
  • Amrita Dasgupta, Swayam, India

The Committee Members have focused on four key themes that will be highlighted during the Regional Convenings:

  1. Inclusivity: The convening will focus on promoting inclusivity and addressing the unique challenges faced by girls and women in all their intersecting, including those from marginalized groups, individuals identifying as LGBTQI, people with disabilities, and tribal/indigenous populations.
  2. Young People’s SRHR: The convening will focus on improving access to modern contraceptives and Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) for young people, with an emphasis on promoting safe and healthy sexual and reproductive behaviors.
  3. Women’s Rights and Girls’ Rights: The convening will focus on promoting women’s and girls’ rights, with a priority towards promoting access to modern contraceptives, family planning, and safe delivery. It will also address the decline of women in workforce participation and promote women’s participation in political decision-making.
  4. Gender, SRHR, and Climate Change: The convening will explore the intersection between gender, SRHR, and climate change. It aims to identify actionable strategies for promoting gender equality and addressing the impact of climate change on women and girls in the region.

If you would like to learn more about the Regional Convening, please contact: