The Americas Regional Convening

In-person Regional Convening

Re-imagining a feminist future: Conversations from the Americas. A transdisciplinary discussion about the future of care, time policies, violence, sexual and reproductive rights, and the feminization of politics.

Dates: 29 and 30 June 2023

Location: Sede empresarial Compensar  Av. 68 N° 49A – 47. Bogotá, Colombia

The Americas Regional Convening Partner will bring together women mayors, public policymakers, academics, leaders, writers, architects, representatives of social movements, and civil society organizations from all over the hemisphere. The transdisciplinary conversations, which will revolve around four pillars: 1) care, 2) violence, 3) sexual and reproductive rights, and 4) the feminization of politics.

Regional Convening Public Participation

A call will be made to focus groups of interest to have a trained and interested public in each of the proposed topics. Participation will be by invitation to the laboratories and open to the general public for the plenary sessions and panels.

Participants will collaborate in co-creation workshops to devise, design and develop solutions for territorial and population challenges. The proposed agenda will also combine plenary sessions and discussions where activists and world leaders will make a collective and critical reflection on social innovation — from the territory and from urban neighborhoods in Latin America. In addition, laboratories for the future will use high-level methodologies to engage public policy makers, experts, and creative thinkers from various sectors to develop innovative solutions.

The thematic focuses are: 

  • Care and time policies
  • Sexual and Reproductive Rights
  • Prevention and cultural changes as a response to gender-based violence and access to justice
  • Feminization of politics

Please find the Agenda of the Convening here.

All activities will be held in person. It is still to be determined whether there will be broadcast or virtual participation. If you are interested in attending the in person Convening, please fill this registration form. Note: this is an interest manifestation, not the official registration, but once you leave us the information, we will send you the register link once is available. The event will be mainly in Spanish. 

Meet with the Convener: Office of the Mayor of Bogotá

The Mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, is leading the Americas Regional Convening with key focals on her team:

  • Diana Rodríguez Franco, Secretary of Women’s Affairs of Bogotá
  • Luz Amparo Medina, Director of Mayors’s Office for International Relations of Bogotá

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